Halifax Contact Number: 0113 242 2229

Contact Halifax by calling their Leeds-based consumer service telephone number 0113 242 2229 to debate your lender account, home finance loan and credit history card.

Typical enquiries – 0113 242 2229

Phone Halifax on their own Leeds head office contact number 0113 242 2229 straight for your normal enquiries about their banking services. It is a switchboard number which is able to link you to the shopper treatment department you involve these types of as existing accounts, credit rating playing cards and mortgages, nevertheless will probably be a lot quicker that you should contact the pertinent crew immediately through the use of the suitable telephone number beneath. This helpline is open 24 several hours each day, 7 days weekly so be sure to usually do not be reluctant to contact them even though its late or on the weekend. Calls to their UK head office environment phone number 0113 242 2229 are charged in the similar level as calls to other area geographic 01 and 02 phone numbers. Even though this isn’t a freephone number these calls may well be free of charge for those who have cost-free inclusive minutes as component of the landline or mobile tariff.

Latest accounts – 0345 720 3040

Contact Halifax on their own UK phone number 0345 720 3040 for common enquiries regarding your latest account. Explanation why you’d call this helpline incorporate rising your overdraft volume and introducing an additional nominated agent to your lender account therefore forming a join bank account. You can also call this team to open up a different account or just to have much more details about the benefits that they present their prospects. You need to also call this number to question a charge which includes been utilized to your bank account and when your debit card isn’t working on either in-store or on the net purchases. Moreover this is often their main telephone banking number, consequently if you need to transfer money right into a various account you ought to call this helpline, plus you will get a stay update on your account balance on this number.

Global existing account enquiries: +44 113 270 1154

Alternatively if you want to contact Halifax regarding your present account from outside the house the UK you must call their devoted international helpline +44 113 270 1154 which is able to link you to definitely this service. On the other hand please be aware that contacting this number from abroad will usually charge a lot more than creating an equal call from inside the UK and that call rates will fluctuate relying on which place that you are contacting them from.

Price savings accounts – 0345 726 3646

Phone 0345 726 3646 to contact Halifax regarding your cost savings account, which involve fixed-rate phrases and ISA money. It is best to call this consumer service workforce for up-to-date specifics of the interest levels which utilize for their accounts and for advice on how often you can withdraw dollars from the Halifax price savings account. Should you be an existing customer then you really could also use this helpline for account services these as closing your account and transferring your price savings to a distinct products. You should remember that for those who must contact Halfiax from abroad about your existing account then you really should phone their contact number +44 113 242 2005 which can be acceptable for international enquiries.

Home loans – 0345 850 3705

Contact Halifax about your property finance loan by calling their official phone number 0345 850 3705 where you can use for a new home finance loan and remortgage your present-day home. Also you are able to phone this division for further more specifics of the rates which apply for their mortgages and also to obtain a quote on how long it is going to get you to repay your mortgage dependent on your deposit amount of money. Moreover you can call this helpline for standard enquiries regarding their professional range of buy-to-let mortgages for landlords. Current property finance loan shoppers must contact this consumer treatment crew to pay off their home loan early, against this you can also phone this number to request an extension on your arrangement.

Credit rating playing cards – 0345 944 4555

Call Halifax regarding your credit score card on their telephone contact number 0345 944 4555 as a way to acquire specifics of the APR interest levels that apply to their playing cards, to use for just a card and also to report an incorrect cost on the monthly bill. What’s more it is possible to call their buyer service workforce for harmony transfers also to request an increase in your credit rating limit. In addition if you want to pay for off your credit card personal debt then you can certainly call this number for facts on the way you can deposit funds from a present-day account into your credit score fund.

Summary of Halifax credit history card phone numbers

Department Contact number
Customer services – UK 0345 944 4555
Customer services – international +44 1733 573 189
Apply for a Halifax credit card 0800 028 3258
Repayment cover 0345 605 1150
Card care 0844 871 5408

Misplaced & stolen cards – 0800 0 15 15 15

Contact Halifax for cost-free on 0800 0 15 15 15 to report your credit history or debit card as being missing or stolen. This freephone number is open up 24 hrs each day, 7 days a week so you should report your card as missing immediately to prevent it being used by criminals. When you have already reported a misplaced or stolen card then you can phone this helpline to track the progress within your replacement card and for helpful tips on how to make payments in the interim period. Alternatively in the event you lose your card whilst abroad you must phone their global helpline +44 113 242 8196 however you should note that this service will not be cost-free which the exact charge will depend on which state you are contacting Halifax from.

Loan enquiries – 0345 724 3444

Phone Halifax on their dedicated loan enquiries contact number 0345 724 3444 to borrow dollars from the financial institution or to repay your debts from an current settlement. You may call this helpline to speak to one of their specially-trained advisors for financial guidance relating to how much you could borrow, whether you is going to be able to pay back the revenue inside a reasonable period of time and whether an alternative item is extra suitable for yourself. Furthermore when you already have a loan you’ll be able to call this telephone number to arrange an early reimbursement in your loan and also to extend your existing agreement if you’re unable to pay for it back on time. Please note this number is only suitable for new applications and customers with loan agreements starting with “84” or “15”, therefore when your arrangement starts with any other number then you definitely should call their alternative phone number 0345 604 7292.

Car finance – 0333 202 7967

Contact Halifax Car Finance by calling their UK phone number 0333 202 7967 to apply for your deal that will allow you to purchase a car over both a fastened or flexible length of time. Additionally should you already have a fiance deal with your vehicle you are able to use this purchaser service helpline to notify them that you will be having difficulties producing the regular repayments on your own deal. Contrastingly you could call this number to pay for off your outstanding credit card debt early in a lump sum, therefore buying the car outright.

Home insurance – 0800 500 3973

Contact Halifax to get a quote on your own home insurance by calling their freephone number 0800 500 3973 for free of charge from any UK landline or mobile phone. Should you be an present policyholder then you can call this helpline to add contents go over towards your policy and also to notify them that you will be moving house meaning you’d probably like to renew your policy at your new address. In the event of a house emergency such as a fire or flood you must examine the helpful table below for the contact details you will need if you want to make a claim for the damage for your house and your valuables.

Halifax home insurance contact numbers

Home insurance department Phone number
Get a quote 0800 500 3973
Customer services – policies starting in “HDA” 0345 604 6532
Customer services – policies starting in “HIA” 0345 604 6531
Customer services – any other policy prefix 0345 600 6001
Claims – policies starting in “HDA” 0345 604 6619
Claims – policies not starting in “HDA” 0345 600 0774

Car Insurance – 0344 209 0471

Contact Halifax relating to your car insurance policy by calling their phone number 0344 209 0471, that is charged in the identical charge as neighborhood geographic numbers in the UK (prefixed by 01 and 02 area codes). You can call this client service team to renew your motor policy and also to have a quotation for how much it would value to go over your vehicle, whether you want third party only or fully-comprehensive deal with. Alternatively if you want to make a claim on your car insurance policy in the event of a breakdown or an accident then you can certainly use the phone numbers in the table beneath to reach the correct section.

Halifax car insurance – list of phone numbers

Department Phone number
Customer services 0344 209 0471
Get a quote for your car insurance 0330 018 9539
Claims 0344 209 0472
Windscreen claims 0330 018 1889

Travel insurance – 0345 307 3801

Contact Halifax by contacting their UK phone number 0345 307 3801 to make a claim on the previous travel insurance policy and for helpful assistance prior to travelling. Unfortunately as of September 2016 Halifax are no longer offering travel insurance quotes to new shoppers, nevertheless in case you took out a policy before this time you will still be able to make a claim and get buyer service advice. Alternatively should your travel insurance policy is dated before 22nd November 2015 you could call their dedicated contact number 0345 604 9839 to track the progress of an current compensation claim.

Pet insurance – 0845 850 0265

Contact Halifax regarding your pet insurance policy by calling their dedicated phone number 0845 850 0265. You can call this number to acquire a estimate to your beloved animal, furthermore when you are an present buyer you’ll be able to phone this helpline to renew your previous pet insurance policy. In the unfortunate event that your pet has suffered an illness or accident you ought to consult the list of contact numbers down below to reach the suitable claims department.

Contact numbers for Halifax pet insurance

Department UK phone number
Customer services 0845 850 0265
Claims 0845 850 0268
Renewals 0845 850 0267
Overseas veterinary care 0845 850 0268
Bereavement counselling 0845 602 6921
Pet legal 0845 676 9576
Pet minders 0845 850 0268

Life insurance – 0800 849 6089

Contact Halifax regarding your present life insurance policy for free of charge on their own freephone number 0800 849 6089, nonetheless remember to note that this is only for present policies that are prefixed by the number “1”. If your policy starts with another number or a combination you need to examine the useful table under to reach the correct buyer treatment team. You’ll want to also be aware that Halifax are no longer offering new life insurance quotes, even so current policyholders are still covered for illness, accidents and their passing.

Halifax life insurance purchaser service phone numbers

Department Contact number
Life insurance policies starting with “1” 0800 849 6089
Life insurance policies starting with “5” 0800 032 0947
Life insurance policies starting with “TMP” or “14/” 0345 600 1194
Life insurance policies starting with “COV”, “MOR” or “HX6” 0870 901 0137

Investments – 0345 835 5726

Phone 0345 835 5726 to contact Halifax about your investment account as well as your stocks and shares ISA fund. You may call their consumer treatment group on this number to withdraw capital out of your investment fund and to deposit further funds into your account. Alternatively if you aren’t an existing purchaser yet you could phone this workforce to acquire financial advice regarding which of their investment products would be most suited for your fiances and desired level of risk. Subsequently you might be eligible to open up a share dealing account with them.

Halifax investment telephone numbers – at a glance

Department Phone number
Investment customer services 0345 835 5726
Manage investments purchased in-branch 0345 600 0169
Stakeholder pension plan & guaranteed investment plan 0345 030 6244
Share dealing 0345 722 5525
Child trust fund 0345 609 0064

Travel funds – 0345 246 0006

Contact Halifax on their travel revenue telephone number 0345 246 0006 to track an buy for foreign currency, to make a completely new buy also to get reside data on the existing exchange level. Furthermore when you’ve got previously purchased travel money with the bank you can call this helpline to enquire if they will re-convert this cash into pound sterling, in which you may well be able to receive preferential premiums. You could call the Halifax travel income buyer service office from 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 10am-8pm Saturday-Sunday even so be sure to be aware that reduced opening times or closures may perhaps occur on UK financial institution holidays.

Bereavement support – 0800 028 1057

Contact specially-trained Halifax advisors for free of charge by contacting their freephone telephone number 0800 028 1057 if an accountholder has passed away. Their shopper treatment workforce will handle the matter delicately and will support you in transferring cash as laid out in the deceased’s will as smoothly as possible. Make sure you bear in mind that you could ought to have death certificate details to hand when contacting them, as well as any probate details.

Halifax contact numbers – at a glance

Department Phone number
Customer services – UK 0113 242 2229
Customer services – international +44 113 242 2229
Current accounts – UK 0345 720 3040
Current accounts – international +44 113 270 1154
Savings accounts – UK 0345 726 3646
Savings accounts – international +44 113 242 2005
Mortgages 0345 850 3705
Halifax credit cards – customer services (UK) 0345 944 4555
Halifax credit cards – customer services (international) +44 1733 573 189
Halifax credit cards – applications 0800 028 3258
Halifax credit cards – repayment cover 0345 605 1150
Halifax credit cards – card care 0844 871 5408
Lost & stolen cards – UK 0800 0 15 15 15
Lost & stolen cards – international +44 113 242 8196
Halifax loans – applications and new customers with agreements starting in “84” or “15” 0345 724 3444
Halifax loans – customers with agreements starting in any other prefix 0345 604 7292
Car finance 0333 202 7967
Home insurance – quotes 0800 500 3973
Home insurance – customer services (policies starting in “HDA”) 0345 604 6532
Home insurance – customer services (policies starting in “HIA”) 0345 604 6531
Home insurance – customer services (any other policy prefix) 0345 600 6001
Home insurance – claims (policies starting in “HDA”) 0345 604 6619
Home insurance – claims (policies not starting in “HDA”) 0345 600 0774
Car insurance – customer services 0344 209 0471
Car insurance – get a quote 0330 018 9539
Car insurance – claims 0344 209 0472
Car insurance – windscreen claims 0330 018 1889
Travel insurance – policies dated after 22nd November 2015 0345 307 3801
Travel insurance – policies dated before 22nd November 2015 0345 604 9839
Halifax pet insurance – customer services 0845 850 0265
Halifax pet insurance – claims 0845 850 0268
Halifax pet insurance – renewals 0845 850 0267
Halifax pet insurance – overseas veterinary care 0845 850 0268
Halifax pet insurance – bereavement counselling 0845 602 6921
Halifax pet insurance – legal enquiries 0845 676 9576
Halifax pet insurance – pet minders 0845 850 0268
Life insurance customer services – policies starting with “1” 0800 849 6089
Life insurance customer services – policies starting with “5” 0800 032 0947
Life insurance customer services – policies starting with “TMP” or “14/” 0345 600 1194
Life insurance customer services – policies starting with “COV”, “MOR” or “HX6” 0870 901 0137
Investments – customer services 0345 835 5726
Investments – manage investments purchased in-branch 0345 600 0169
Investments – stakeholder pension plan & guaranteed investment plan 0345 030 6244
Investments – share dealing 0345 722 5525
Investments – child trust fund 0345 609 0064
Halifax travel money 0345 246 0006
Bereavement support 0800 028 1057

Alternative ways to contact Halifax

As well as calling their telephone helplines you could also email Halifax, write to their UK postal address and speak to the financial advisor in one of their branches. You could even contact their consumer service teams by visiting their pages on social media websites.

Email Halifax

Contact Halifax via email by going for their formal “contact us” website and by following the links on the page. While this isn’t technically an email address their client treatment crew are going to be in touch with you via return email.

Postal address

If you would like to write letters concerning a basic enquiry or a complaint concerning the bank it is possible to send them to Halifax’s official UK postal address:

PO Box 548,
LS1 1WU,
United Kingdom.

Branch locator

Remember to use the official Halifax branch locator to find your closest branch, where you can speak to financial advisors regarding your loan or home loan applications. Additionally you’ll be able to use this service to find your closest Halifax cash machine so potentially saving you time when trying to withdraw resources from a account.

Link with Halifax on social media

Major companies including banks such as Halifax are now increasingly utilizing social media as a method of promoting their services and connecting with their valued buyers