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0870 645 1585 Call Sainsbury's

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Sainsbury’s Contact Number: 08706451585

Phone the key Sainsbury’s customer careline totally free by calling their freephone contact number 0800 636 262 or direct your grocery enquiries employing the helpline 0843 504 7228.

Sainsbury’s Customer Services – 08706451585

Contact Sainsbury’s customer service advisors totally free by calling their main basic enquiries phone number 0800 636 262. This can be their principal customer service freephone helpline which you ought to call for those who require any suggestions on the in-store query, which include which Sainsbury’s solutions are available in-store, what time your nearest Sainsbury’s store is open right until and to receive the contact details of one’s nearest Sainsbury’s store. You need to also phone Sainsbury’s on 0800 636 262 if you’re not sure which Sainsbury’s department you need to contact. This Sainsbury’s helpline is open from 8am-10pm Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm Saturday and 10am-4pm Sunday and is particularly free to call from all Uk telephones. Alternatively you are able to connect with their customer care staff on 0843 504 7228 where you can go over a grocery order plus your Sainsbury’s Banking account.

Sainsbury’s Shopping On line – 08706451585

Phone the Sainsbury’s on the net browsing customer treatment helpline by calling their freephone contact number 0800 328 1700. If you wish to investigate about shipping prices, uncover the way to put a Sainsbury’s on line order, alter or terminate a Sainsbury’s grocery delivery or if you would like dispute a Sainsbury’s on line buying payment you then should really simply call 0800 328 1700. You’ll want to also contact Sainsbury’s on their own buying on line phone number in case you have to have complex help for your Sainsbury’s searching online account, as an example for those who have forgotten your username or your password. The Sainsbury’s on the internet procuring helpline is open up from 8am to 11pm 7 days each week and, like all freephone numbers, 0800 328 1700 is free of charge to get in touch with from all United kingdom telephones.

Sainsbury’s Entertainment on Desire – 08706451585

Contact the Sainsbury’s Enjoyment on Demand customer service helpdesk by calling their local charge 0330 123 1416 phone number. Sainsbury’s present a range of online & on-demand leisure services, including eBooks, Movies & TV, music and magazines. You need to therefore phone 0330 123 1416 for those who need specialized support for any of these enjoyment services, including if the eBook or movie you purchased from Sainsbury’s is not downloading, your Sainsbury’s purchase isn’t showing up in your enjoyment library or you need troubleshooting guidance on ways to use the Sainsbury’s Leisure on Demand from customers website.

You could simply call the Sainsbury’s Leisure on Demand helpline any time between 8am-11:30pm seven times each week, although bank holidays may be affected by closures. Calls to 0330 123 1416 are charged at the same fee as equivalent calls to nearby 01 or 02 area code phone numbers.

You’ll be able to also email Sainsbury’s Amusement on Demand customer services by filling out a form on their official email portal here

Sainsbury’s Gift Cards – 08706451585

Phone the Sainsbury’s gift cards helpline free of charge by calling the freephone gift card contact number 0800 636 262. Sainsbury’s customer service advisors on this helpline can help you check your gift card balance, advise you on what payment methods are acceptable to use in buying a Sainsbury’s gift card and to reload your Sainsbury’s gift card by putting more money onto it. You can contact the Sainsbury’s gift card helpline from 9am-5:30pm Monday-Friday (their helpline is not obtainable on weekends and bank holidays). All 0800 numbers, like Sainsbury’s 0800 636 262 phone number, are totally free to contact from all UK-registered telephones.

Nectar Card – 08706451585

Contact Nectar by calling their local-rate phone number 0344 811 0811 for any enquiry relating to your Sainsbury’s loyalty card or Nectar points. Nectar are the official loyalty partner for Sainsbury’s and as these kinds of please phone 0344 811 0811 to check your Nectar points balance, to purchase a new Nectar Card or to investigate about any Nectar points missing from a Sainsbury’s purchase. You’ll want to also phone the Nectar Card helpline for technological support with your Nectar Card account, such as should you need to update your registered personal information. It is possible to get in touch with the Nectar Card contact number with any of these Sainsbury’s-related enquiries between 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and from 9am-5pm on weekends & financial institution holidays. Calls to 0344 811 0811 are charged at the same price as Sainsbury’s 03 numbers and all other local-rate British isles phone numbers.

Nectar also offers a few different online contact options to help you with your Sainsbury’s loyalty card enquiries. You may chat to a live Nectar Card customer service advisor by utilizing their official web chat service here and you may tweet Nectar Card with regards to your Sainsbury’s Nectar points enquiry by going to their official twitter page which is

Make a complaint to Sainsbury’s – 08706451585

Contact Sainsbury’s to make an official complaint by calling their 0800 636 262 phone number without spending a dime from any United kingdom phone. As that is their primary customer service helpline, advisors will first attempt to put you in contact with the relevant Sainsbury’s section in get to try and resolve your complaint at an initial stage. In the event you feel your Sainsbury’s complaint has not been dealt with in a satisfactory manner after this you’ll be able to phone 0800 636 262 again and request to speak to a duty manager or in the event you would rather complain to Sainsbury’s by post it is possible to write to them employing their official complaints postal address which is:

Complaints Section,
Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd,
33 Holborn,
United Kingdom.

If after either of these second stages your Sainsbury’s complaint has still not been resolved it is possible to then escalate the complaint to an independent alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme. Unlike many major United kingdom companies Sainsbury’s do not have an official ADR partner however they do list Small Claims Mediation (British isles) Ltd on their own website. You could contact this ADR scheme regarding your Sainsbury’s complaint by going to their official website or by writing to Small Claims Mediation (United kingdom) Ltd by making use of their official postal address:

Small Claims Mediation (United kingdom) Ltd,
33 Leicester Road,
LE8 4GR,
United Kingdom.

Sainsbury’s Energy – 08706451585

Phone Sainsbury’s Energy totally free by calling their freephone contact number 0800 316 0316. Get in touch with their helpline to speak to a customer service advisor about your gas or electricity supply, Sainsbury’s solar power, Sainsbury’s Energy home insulation and for help and guidance in order to move your Sainsbury’s Energy account to a new address. When you are not an existing customer and you would like to join Sainsbury’s Energy then please connect with their dedicated sales helpline 0800 107 1879 to get a quote for your energy supply. You could phone both of these Sainsbury’s Energy contact numbers from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 8am-6pm Saturday, these helplines are closed Sundays and Bank holidays. A 24/7 gas emergency helpline is also obtainable for Sainsbury’s Energy customers by calling the official National Grid emergencies contact number 0800 111 999.

You are able to contact Sainsbury’s Energy on the internet by filling out an official contact form on their own website Although it is slower than contacting Sainsbury’s by phone or on-line you may write to Sainsbury’s Energy by employing their official Energy postal address:

Sainsbury’s Energy,
PO BOX 227,
S98 1PD,
United Kingdom.

Sainsbury’s Energy Complaints – 08706451585

Contact Sainsbury’s Energy by phone to make a complaint by contacting their freephone complaints number 0800 316 0316. Should you be not satisfied with your Sainsbury’s Energy price or service it is best to get in touch with their most important helpline without spending a dime to speak to an advisor. You could also write to Sainsbury’s Energy to make a complaint by writing to their official complaints postal address:

Complaints Management Workforce,
Sainsbury’s Energy,
PO Box 226,
S98 1PB,
United Kingdom.

After this initial complaints stage you are able to phone the Sainsbury’s Energy customer relations manager by calling their dedicated contact number 0800 072 7002 at no cost. You can also email this manager directly by working with the Sainsbury’s Energy official higher complaints email address

Helpful list of Sainsbury’s Energy phone numbers

Sainsbury’s Energy Department

Phone Number

Sainsbury’s Energy Customer Services 0800 316 0316
Join Sainsbury’s Energy 0800 107 1879
24/7 Gas Emergency Helpline 0800 111 999
Sainsbury’s Energy Complaints – First Stage 0800 316 0316
Sainsbury’s Energy Complaints – Second Stage 0800 072 7002

Sainsbury’s Financial institution Phone Numbers

Sainsbury’s present a wide range of financial and insurance services under their Sainsbury’s Bank brand. These array from loans and savings accounts to insurance policies and credit cards. Official phone numbers for all Sainsbury’s Lender departments & services are helpfully provided for you in this section. All Sainsbury’s Lender 0800 & 0808 phone numbers are free of charge to contact from any Uk phone, and all their contact numbers which start in 03 are charged at the same cost level as United kingdom nearby calls, for example calls to 01 & 02 area code phone numbers.

Sainsbury’s On-line Banking – 08706451585

Phone the Sainsbury’s Financial institution On the web Banking helpdesk by contacting their freephone contact number 0808 540 50 60. Simply call this number for anyone who is having difficulties accessing your Sainsbury’s Banking account on line and you therefore demand troubleshooting advice. You ought to also phone their 0808 540 50 60 contact number in case you have neglected your account details, for example your Sainsbury’s Lender On the net username or password. The Sainsbury’s Financial institution On-line Banking helpline is open 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-6pm Saturday-Sunday, although please be aware that opening times may be different on financial institution holidays.

Should you be outside the United kingdom and you need complex assist for your personal Sainsbury’s Lender On-line Banking service then please get in touch with their dedicated international helpline +44131 549 8040. Please be aware that this Sainsbury’s Financial institution overseas contact number will usually cost more than United kingdom calls to their primary On the net Banking phone number, and that international mobile and payphone phone calls to the Sainsbury’s On the internet Banking helpdesk will normally cost substantially more than the same simply call made from a landline would cost.

Sainsbury’s Loans – 08706451585

Contact Sainsbury’s Lender with regards to your Sainsbury’s loan by contacting their 0800 096 0543 phone number without cost. Dedicated customer service advisors on this helpline will assist you with topping up your Sainsbury’s Bank loan, managing your Sainsbury’s loan repayments and making a payment protection insurance claim against your Sainsbury’s Loan account. If you want to apply for a Sainsbury’s Financial institution loan then please phone their loan quotes contact number 0800 169 8503. You may contact Sainsbury’s Loans from 8am-10pm Monday-Friday, 8:30am-6pm Saturday and 9am-5:30pm Sunday, however please be aware these opening times may be different on United kingdom bank holidays.

You may contact Sainsbury’s Bank about your loan, or indeed any other Sainsbury’s Lender service, on line by filling out an official email form on their own webpage:

Sainsbury’s Credit Cards – 08706451585

Contact Sainsbury’s credit card customer advisors by calling their 0808 540 50 60 phone number, which is free of charge to get in touch with from all Uk landline and mobile phones. You can phone the Sainsbury’s credit card helpline for help with your credit card payments, assistance with managing your Sainsbury’s credit card on-line and for information about the fees, charges and interest rates that apply to your Sainsbury’s credit card. When you are outside of the Uk and you would like to make an international call to the Sainsbury’s credit card section you then should really phone +44 131 549 8040. Alternatively, if your query relates to the Creditcare service offered by Sainsbury’s then please phone their local amount Creditcare helpline 0345 702 3839. These Sainsbury’s credit card phone numbers are open up 8am-Midnight on weekdays and 8am-6pm on weekends.

If you’re a new Sainsbury’s Lender customer and you wish to apply for a Sainsbury’s credit card then phone their 0800 030 4418 contact number. When calling their card application phone number you need to quote ‘WEB’ in order to inform Sainsbury’s Financial institution you found out about their credit card service from an on the net source. Their new credit card customer helpline is open 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-7pm Saturday-Sunday.

When you have lost your Sainsbury’s credit card or it has been stolen from you then please connect with the Sainsbury’s Bank Lost & Stolen Card Helpline on 0800 456 1232, or instead contact 00 44 131 549 8040 for anyone who is calling Sainsbury’s to report a lost or stolen card from outside the Uk. The Sainsbury’s lost & stolen credit card helpline is open 24 hours a day, seven times every week, so you are able to order your replacement Sainsbury’s credit card at any time.

In case you would prefer to send your enquiry to Sainsbury’s Lender via email then you certainly can fill out an official web contact form at this address:

Sainsbury’s Credit Card Phone Numbers

Phone Number
Credit Card General Enquiries 0808 540 50 60
Sainsbury’s International Credit Card Helpline +44 131 549 8040
Apply for a Sainsbury’s Credit Card 0800 030 4418
Report a Lost or Stolen Sainsbury’s Credit Card 0800 456 1232
Sainsbury’s Bank Creditcare 0345 702 3839

Sainsbury’s Bank Savings – 08706451585

Phone 0808 540 50 60 to contact Sainsbury’s Financial institution about your savings account and the savings packages offered by Sainsbury’s. Contacting their freephone number will put you in contact with a dedicated Sainsbury’s Savings advisor who can offer you you assistance with making deposits to your Sainsbury’s Financial institution savings account, how you can manage your savings account information and provide you with up-to-date information on the interest rates offered on a Sainsbury’s savings account. 0808 540 50 60 is available to call any time between 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-6pm on weekends, although this contact number may be affected by closures on financial institution holidays.

You can also write to Sainsbury’s Bank for standard enquiries about the savings accounts and interest rates that they supply, however they will not be able to provide you with specialized aid for a specific Sainsbury’s Savings account. Please use the official Sainsbury’s Savings postal address which we have provided here for you:

Sainsbury’s Lender,
PO Box 29191,
KY12 2AU,
United Kingdom.

Sainsbury’s Child Trust Fund – 08706451585

Phone 0800 7315 896 to contact OneFamily, the official child trust fund provider for Sainsbury’s Child Trust Fund savings accounts. OneFamily advisors on this helpline will be able to provide you with information and technological assist in your existing Sainsbury’s Child Trust Fund account, however they will not be able to supply you a new Sainsbury’s Bank trust fund account as these services have now closed (note that you will be still free of charge to open an account with OneFamily that is independent from the Sainsbury’s Financial institution brand). This Sainsbury’s Child Trust Fund helpline is open 9am-7pm Monday-Friday and 9am-12 noon on Saturdays.

Sainsbury’s Mortgages – 08706451585

Contact Sainsbury’s Bank Mortgages at no cost by contacting their 0800 838 295 number from any United kingdom phone. Simply call this Sainsbury’s Financial institution mortgage helpline 8am-8pm on weekdays to manage the repayments for your personal Sainsbury’s mortgage account and for information about the array of mortgage solutions and rates that are offered by Sainsbury’s Lender. You’ll be able to also write to the mortgages office of Sainsbury’s Bank by sending your general enquiry to their official postal address:

Sainsbury’s Bank Mortgages,
Pentland House,
8 Lochside Avenue,
South Gyle,
EH12 9DJ,
United Kingdom.

Sainsbury’s Car Insurance – 08706451585

Contact the main normal enquiries workforce for Sainsbury’s Car Insurance by contacting their freephone 0800 210 0247 phone number. Existing Sainsbury’s Car Insurance customers can connect with this hotline to make a claim and manage your Sainsbury’s Car Insurance payments, provided your policy was taken out after June 1st 2011. New customers can also connect with 0800 210 0247 to take out a new Sainsbury’s Car Insurance policy. A full list of Sainsbury’s Car Insurance phone numbers can be found below, including contact facts for breakdown assistance and windscreen claims. All Sainsbury’s Car Insurance customer service phone numbers can be obtained to simply call 8am-9pm Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday and 10am-5pm Sunday, however please be aware that these lines may have reduced opening times or closures on lender holidays. The 24 hour emergency and breakdown assistance helplines for Sainsburys are open up 24/7 and are not affected on financial institution holidays. Should you would prefer to email a Sainsbury’s Car Insurance advisor then please fill out an official on line contact form at this Sainsbury’s car insurance web address:

Sainsbury’s Car Insurance (after June 1st 2011) – Phone Numbers

Phone Number
Customer Services 0800 210 0247
Sainsbury’s Motor Legal Protection 0800 206 1951
Windscreen Claims 0800 363 636
24/7 Accident Helpline 0800 210 0250
24/7 Breakdown Assistance 0800 210 0251

Sainsbury’s Car Insurance (policy dated before 01/06/2011) – 0345 608 6034

If your Sainsbury’s Car Insurance policy is dated before 1st June 2011 then phone their dedicated 0345 608 6034 contact number. This really is the basic enquiries & customer services helplines for all Sainsbury’s car insurance policies dated before 01/06/2011 and thus you should simply call 0345 608 6034 should you be doubtful of which exact pre-2011 car insurance section you need to phone. Please see below for the full list of pre-01/06/2011 Sainsbury’s Car Insurance phone numbers, including 24/7 accident helplines and claims contact numbers.

Phone Numbers for Sainsbury’s Car Insurance policies dated before 01/06/2011

Phone Number
Customer Services 0345 608 6034
Make a Sainsbury’s Car Insurance Claim 0345 608 6038
Sainsbury’s Car Insurance Renewals 0345 608 6028
Sainsbury’s Car Insurance Payment Queries 0345 608 6034
Sainsbury’s Motoring Legal Protection 0345 608 6038
24/7 Accident Recovery Helpline 0800 519 5195
24/7 Breakdown Assistance 0800 028 8273
24/7 Windscreen Repair Helpline 0800 587 6803

Sainsbury’s Home Insurance – 08706451585

Phone Sainsbury’s Home Insurance by calling their dedicated freephone 0800 206 1965 customer services contact number. For anyone who is an existing Sainsbury’s Home Insurance customer and you have to have confidential aid with your home insurance payments, or in the unfortunate case in which you need to make a home insurance claim then you definitely need to connect with 0800 206 1965 totally free. This primary Sainsbury’s Home Insurance contact number is open Monday-Friday 8am-9pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-5pm. Sainsbury’s also have a dedicated 24 hours a day, seven days per week helpline for home emergencies, phone 0800 206 1966 to speak to an emergency home insurance advisor.

Please note that if your Sainsbury’s Home Insurance policy is dated before 31st January 2012 then you definitely must instead phone 0345 850 5500 for assistance with your specific Sainsbury’s Home Insurance Policy. 0345 850 5500 is a regional charge contact number which costs the exact same to phone as 01 and 02 British isles area code phone numbers.

It is possible to also contact Sainsbury’s Home Insurance on line by filling out their official email contact form found at this web address:

Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance – 08706451585

Contact the Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance typical enquiries advisor crew by calling their local-rate 0330 100 7915 phone number. If you are uncertain of which Sainsbury’s pet insurance policy would be right for you, or for those who aren’t sure which Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance helpline it is best to phone then please contact 0330 100 7915. The full lists of Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance phone numbers and their respective opening times have been made offered to you below. Should you would prefer to send your Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance question in by email then use the official Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance contact portal here:

Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance Phone Numbers for policies dated after 1st September 2013
Pet Insurance Office
Contact Details
Customer Services 0330 100 7915
Make a Pet Insurance Claim 0330 100 7917
Get a Pet Insurance Quote & Apply for Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance 0330 102 6703
Make a Complaint to Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance 0330 100 7920Post: Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance,
Great West House (GW2),
Great West Road,
TW8 9DX,
United Kingdom.


Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance Phone Numbers for policies dated on or before 1st September 2013
Pet Insurance Office
Contact Details
Customer Services 0800 533 5911
Make a Pet Insurance Claim 0800 533 5912
Make a Complaint to Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance 0800 533 5911Post: Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance,
BDML Connect Limited,
1000 Lakeside North Harbour,
Western Road,
PO6 3EN,
United Kingdom.

Sainsbury’s Life Insurance – 08706451585

Phone Sainsbury’s Life Insurance typical enquiries by contacting their freephone contact number 0800 0137 137. Customer service advisors on 0800 0137 137 will help you with your Sainsbury’s Life Insurance payments and also to make a claim on your Sainsbury’s life insurance policy. You’ll want to also contact this Sainsbury’s Life Insurance helpline if you would like help and guidance on which Sainsbury’s Life Insurance product to choose also to get a quote for a Sainsbury’s Life Insurance policy. It is possible to connect with 0800 0137 137 from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 9am-5pm on Saturdays, therefore the helpline is closed on Sundays and bank holidays.

Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance – 08706451585

Contact the customer services section for Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance by calling their local-rate 0330 100 9350 phone number. Any questions relating to the travel insurance policies run by Sainsbury’s, including travel insurance prices, ought to be directed to their helpline. It is best to also phone 0330 100 9350 to make a claim in your existing Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance policy. The Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance helpline is open up 8am-8pm Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm Saturday and 9am-5pm Sunday.

Important Sainsbury’s Phone Numbers

Sainsbury’s Office

Phone Number

Sainsbury’s Customer ServicesMake a Complaint to Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s Gift Cards

0800 636 262
Sainsbury’s Shopping Online 0800 328 1700
Sainsbury’s Entertainment on Demand 0330 123 1416
Nectar Card 0344 811 0811
Sainsbury’s Energy 0800 316 0316
Sainsbury’s Online BankingSainsbury’s Credit Cards

Sainsbury’s Savings

0808 540 50 60
Sainsbury’s Loans 0800 096 0543
Sainsbury’s Mortgages 0800 838 295
Sainsbury’s Car Insurance 0800 210 0247
Sainsbury’s Home Insurance 0800 206 1965
Sainbury’s Pet Insurance 0330 100 7915
Sainsbury’s Life Insurance 0800 0137 137
Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance 0330 100 9350

Alternative Sainsbury’s Contact Options


If you wish to send an email to Sainsbury’s about any in-store or on the internet question then please fill out their official on the web contact form at their key on the internet help page You may also follow this link to speak to a live web chat advisor and, for the hard of hearing, a live video sign language-trained advisor.

Write to Sainsbury’s

Although Sainsbury’s state that it is significantly quicker to contact them applying their phone or email contact options, you are able to still write to Sainsbury’s for standard enquiries related to any of their items or services by utilizing this official postal address:

Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd,
33 Holborn,
United Kingdom.

Store Locator

Use the official Sainsbury’s Store Locator to uncover your closest store and also to receive the contact particulars of any one of Sainsbury’s 1200+ British isles stores.

Sainsbury’s Survey

You’ll be able to send your feedback and comments about your Sainsbury’s in-store or on the web grocery searching experiences by filling out a detailed survey on their official feedback website

Sainsbury’s Social Media

As the second largest supermarket chain in the British isles (correct as of 2016), Sainsbury’s operates a number of official pages on some of the world’s most popular social media networks. Links to Sainsbury’s social media pages can be found here: