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0870 645 1525 Call DHL

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DHL Contact Number: 08706451525

Contact DHL customer services by calling their UK telephone helpline number 0844 248 0844 to trace a parcel and also to get a quote for a new parcel or letter shipping and delivery.

Customer services – 08706451525

Call DHL Convey customer services on their own telephone contact number 0844 248 0844 to track a parcel that is definitely staying shipped by them or to acquire a quotation for a new shipping and delivery. This can be also their main general enquiries helpline so if you would like to understand much more with regards to their small business and their shipping prices you’ll want to phone this helpline. Moreover you’ll be able to phone this number should you be a compact enterprise operator therefore you would love to open up a DHL Categorical account for your personal commercial shipping and delivery needs. Make sure you observe that if you want to track a parcel using this service you’ll want to have your parcel monitoring number in front of you to make sure that the advisor can trace the situation of your respective parcel as promptly as feasible.

Drop-off & collection – 08706451525

Remember to phone DHL on their own main customer service contact number 0844 248 0844 to book a parcel shipping and delivery over the phone or enquire about a parcel shipping and delivery that you have requested using their online DHLitNow service. When you use these services a DHL courier will pick up your parcel directly from your home or office, therefore you won’t have to spend time going out of your respective way to drop it off. You can also phone 0844 248 0844 to enquire about your local DHL Service Point which are located in local & high-street retailers or about a parcel that you dropped off to one of these collection points which hasn’t arrived at its intended destination. You can obtain your nearest DHL Service Point by going to their official website

DHL Specific special service – 08706451525

Contact DHL on their own business-rate telephone number 0844 248 0505 to get a quotation for a special shipping which is suitable for very important or dangerous packages. These parcels will be treated as priority and will be put onto the next flight out if you are making a shipping and delivery to another country. In addition you could phone this number for getting a dedicated ‘hand-carry’ courier, who will be personally responsible for the supply of your package.

DHL Parcel – 08706451525

Phone DHL on their telephone contact number 0333 003 7703 when you are expecting a standard DHL Parcel, eCommerce or DHL Global Mail shipping which hasn’t arrived by the expected shipping and delivery date. In addition you’ll be able to also phone this helpline if you’re a organization customer so you are planning on sending regular deliveries using one of the above DHL brands. Also for those who have lost your tracking number you could call DHL on this helpline to receive a reminder to ensure you’ll be able to trace your deliveries.

Customer Accounting – 08706451525

Phone DHL for those who want to query a bill or payment by contacting their customer accounting contact number 0844 248 0777. It is possible to call this number in case you are unsure of an item on your shipping invoice or should you believe you have been overcharged for your personal selected type of parcel shipping and delivery. Furthermore it is best to call this number should you be registered on their own e-billing service therefore you have forgotten your login details, such as your username and password. Alternatively in case you would prefer to write a letter to customer accounting and if you want to send them documents relevant to a payment dispute such as a receipt or final invoice you could send your post to their official postal address:

Invoice Enquiries,
Customer Accounting,
DHL International (UK) Ltd,
Orbital Park,178-188 Great South West Road,Hounslow,Middlesex,
TW4 6JS,United Kingdom.

Complain to DHL – 08706451525

Phone DHL customer relations on their own UK contact number 0345 072 0278 to make an official complaint about a delayed parcel shipping or repeated negligence by a particular member of staff. It is possible to also contact DHL in order to lodge a complaint by filling out an online contact form to have a return email and by sending a letter to their dedicated complaints address:

DHL Complaints Department,
Orbital Park,
178-188 Great South West Road,
TW4 6JS,United Kingdom.

Should you have attempted to contact DHL applying the above methods and you simply are not satisfied with the way they have tried to resolve your complaint you are able to escalate it by emailing the CEO of their UK operations Phil Couchman on his official email address or by emailing Fadzlun Sapandi, the senior vice president of their European customer service team, on her email address:

Report fraud – 08706451525

Make sure you report fraud to DHL by calling Action Fraud on their own telephone contact number 0300 123 2040, where you may report unsolicited emails that are supposedly from DHL that you suspect to be fraudulent. Moreover for those who believe you have been the victim of an email or telephone scam it is best to call Action Fraud on the helpline above and they will then report the case to the police. For those who would prefer not to speak to someone about your case then be sure to contact DHL by filling out an online contact form on their own dedicated website and they will then be in touch to handle your case discreetly.

Supply chain – 08706451525

Contact DHL with regards to their supply chain logistics by calling their business-rate telephone number 0844 477 1100 where you are able to make a tender request and find out more regarding their logistic planning services. DHL can plan your logistics for you but can also provide you haulage wants once you have planned your supply chain, leaving you with extra time devoted to your product sourcing. If you would prefer to liase with DHL via email you can fill out an online contact form on their own supply chain website Similarly if you’d like to write to DHL remember to address your letters to their supply chain office:

DHL Supply Chain,
Solstice House,251 Midsummer Boulevard,
Milton Keynes,MK9 1EQ,United Kingdom.

Supply chain invoice enquiries – 08706451525

Be sure to call DHL for free on their freephone contact number 0800 316 0498 for anyone who is a supply chain customer and you simply wish to query a payment on your invoice. Therefore you’ll want to phone this helpline when you believe you have been overcharged to your logistics or if you believe an item is missing from your invoice.

List of DHL phone numbers

Department Phone Number
Customer services & Express 0844 248 0844
Express special service 0844 248 0505
DHL Parcel 0333 003 7703
Customer accounting 0844 248 0777
Complaints 0345 072 0278
Report fraud 0300 123 2040
Supply chain 0844 477 1100

Alternative ways to contact DHL

DHL are part of the largest logistics company in the world and as such they know it is hugely important to provide numerous alternative contact options, for example email and postal addresses, to provide an effective service to their customers.

Email DHL

DHL understands that their personal and commercial customers often don’t have the time to sit on hold whilst calling their customer service teams, therefore they have a number of online contact forms for each department which you are able to use to correspond with them via email.

Write to DHL

When you would prefer to correspond with DHL via post then make sure you send your postal enquiries directly to their UK head office address:

DHL Head Office,
Orbital Park,
178-188 Great South West Road,Hounslow,Middlesex,
TW4 6JS,United Kingdom.

DHL social media

Social media websites have become powerful tools for companies to promote their products & services and for customers to contact these companies directly. It is possible to obtain links to DHL’s official social media pages below, including company profile pages and promotional video channels.