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British Fuel

British Fuel Contact Number: 08706451514

Contact British Gasoline customer services for free on their freephone number 0800 048 0202 for common enquiries or to have help spending your fuel and electrical power costs.

British Gasoline customer services – 08706451514

Contact British Fuel Customer Services by calling their phone number 0800 048 0202 that’s cost-free as it is really a freephone helpline. You’ll be able to immediate any of your respective account enquiries toward this helpline, so if you’d like to query a invoice payment to British Gasoline or when you would love to vary your energy tariff then you need to dial their number.

You ought to also phone 0800 048 0202 should you be moving house and would hence prefer to transfer your vitality provide into a new tackle, or in case you would really like to terminate your account with British Fuel by switching into a new provider. This helpline is open from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 8am-6pm Saturday, so you should remember you won’t be able to make an enquiry regarding your account on Sundays which opening times may perhaps be decreased on financial institution holiday seasons.

Textphone & minicom helpline – 08706451514

If you are hard of hearing or suffer from speech difficulties and you desire to to contact British Gasoline with your standard enquiries then make sure you dial their dedicated accessibility number 18001 0800 072 8626 from your textphone or minicom device.

Welsh Language Helpline – 08706451514

Phone British Gas’ dedicated helpline for Welsh language customers using their freephone contact number 0800 072 8630.

Rhif ffôn nwy Prydain ar gyfer cwsmeriaid Cymraeg: 0800 072 8630.

Scottish Gasoline – 08706451514

Contact Scottish Fuel on their local-rate phone number 0333 202 9802 to manage your account, to report fuel leaks and to report a broken-down heater. Scottish Gas is the trading name north of the border for Centrica which also runs British Fuel, therefore you are able to use any of the contact numbers listed on this page to notify them about a problem with your boiler, for technical support when submitting meter readings and to top up your prepayment gas card. This helpline is open from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday for all non-emergency enquiries.

Pay as You Go electrical power – 08706451514

Contact British Gasoline on their freephone telephone number 0800 048 0303 should you be a Pay as You Go Electrical power customer and you would like to create an enquiry about your service. You are able to phone this number in the event you believe that your meter is faulty and thus you prefer to an engineer to repair or replace it to avoid you overpaying for vitality. Similarly if your energy key or gasoline card is faulty, or if it is actually lost or has been stolen, then you can phone 0800 048 0303 for free to receive a replacement. Furthermore remember to get in touch with British Gasoline using this helpline for those who want to vary your Pay as You Go tariff or in case you would really like to vary to a monthly monthly bill structure.

Top up your Pay as You Go meter – 08706451514

Phone British Gas’ 24-hour billing contact number 0800 107 0188 to top up your Pay as You Go power meter from the comfort within your own home by making a card payment over the telephone. Alternatively in case you would prefer to top up your electrical energy key or fuel card from an official PayPoint shop then you certainly can find your nearest facilitated outlet using their official locator service at

Join British Fuel – 08706451514

Phone British Gasoline free of charge on their own dedicated sales contact number 0800 980 6005 when you would love to switch your electrical power provider to join their service. You’ll be able to also call this helpline if you’re uncertain about their prices and you’d probably hence like further price information about each of their available electrical power tariffs. Please note that their sales helpline 0800 980 6005 is open up 8am-8pm on weekdays and 9am-5pm on Saturday, so you’ll be unable to join British Fuel on a Sunday.

Website technical support – 08706451514

Contact British Gasoline should you be having technical difficulties using their website by contacting their freephone phone number 0800 048 0505 to receive troubleshooting support. For example you should call this helpline if you are unable to submit an online meter reading or if the website is not allowing you to book a breakdown appointment service. Furthermore you may call this number if your online electricity account has been locked as you have forgotten your username or password login details.

Britsh Gas HomeCare – 08706451514

Contact British Gas HomeCare for free using their customer service phone number 0800 048 1000 to speak to an advisor regarding your monthly payments or in case you have suffered a boiler breakdown. Their HomeCare packages are essentially boiler, heating and plumbing insurance policies which include an annual service to ensure that your central heating systems are fully maintained. Furthermore you should call their freephone helpline number 0800 048 1000 in the event you would love to upgrade your British Gasoline or Scottish Fuel HomeCare cover to include kitchen appliances or in case you are having difficulty making the monthly payments toward your existing policy. Moreover you may call this helpline should you would love to alter your scheduled engineer date or time, thus ensuring that you choose to will be at home when their engineers visit your property. This is one of their most popular services thus they have several different phone numbers for each specific department, such as sales helplines and contact numbers for replacement boilers, which you could find using the table below.

HomeCare Phone Numbers

Department UK Contact Number
General Enquiries & Breakdowns 0800 048 1000
Join British Gas Homecare 0800 980 6004
Schedule your Annual Service Visits 0800 294 9678
One-Off Repairs 0800 000 999
Get a New or Replacement Boiler 0800 009 4450
HomeCare Business Enquiries 0800 048 1687
Cancel your HomeCare Cover 0800 294 9123

HomeCare Postal Address

You’ll be able to also write to British Fuel to enquire about their HomeCare services or if you want to formally notify them of a change or cancellation of your account in writing, if you would love to do so then you definately must use their official postal tackle:

HomeCare Membership Office,
Murdoch Household,
Bothwell Road,
G71 7UD,
United Kingdom.

Gasoline & electrical energy installations – 08706451514

Phone British Gasoline in order to install a whole new gasoline or energy system by calling their freephone contact number 0800 072 5280 gratis. You may call this helpline if you’re a developer thus you want to British Gasoline to install the gasoline and electric power systems in your new properties, alternatively you’ll be able to call this helpline should you be a homeowner who has made an extension to your household which requires new gasoline source pipes.

Gasoline and electrical energy theft – 08706451514

Contact British Gasoline when you believe someone is stealing from your vitality supply by contacting their freephone helpline using the phone number 0800 587 2737. Electricity theft is a serious crime in the UK, for that reason you must call this number as soon as you suspect something is amiss to ensure the culprit can be apprehended as quickly as possible. You could also phone 0800 587 2737 for those who believe that your meter has previously been illegally tampered with and is therefore providing inaccurate readings.

Check an Engineer’s Identity – 08706451514

Call British Gas to check an engineer’s identity by contacting their telephone contact number 0800 072 8625 which as a freephone number is freed from charge from all UK landline and mobile phones. Sadly we live in a world where criminals will pretend to be a utility employee in attempt to gain access to your home in order to steal valuable items, as a result British Gas runs this service to ensure that you will only allow access to legitimate employees. All certified engineers will carry a card with contact details on, however you are able to phone 0800 072 8625 in advance to set a password that you simply can ask the engineer to repeat in order to confirm their identity. British & Scottish Fuel engineers are fully trained in customer security so they is not going to mind waiting whilst you ensure they are genuine employees so you needn’t feel embarrassed about calling.

Vitality Saving Advice – 08706451514

Contact British Gasoline to acquire impartial power saving advice and tips by contacting their freephone number 0800 072 8629 that’s no cost to call from all UK landline and mobile phones. You are able to phone this helpline to have helpful information about how to improve the energy efficiency of the home, thus saving you substantial sums from your energy charges as well as being ecologically friendly toward the environment. Their range of solutions include solar panels, loft insulation and the latest window double-glazing technologies. You can call the Strength Saving Advice team from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, thus make sure you be aware that you choose to will have to wait until a normal weekday for getting your efficiency tips as this number is closed on weekends.

British Gas emergency contact number – 08706451514

Phone the national gasoline emergency helpline 0800 111 999 in the event you smell fuel or for those who suspect that there is really a carbon monoxide leak in your home, regardless of whether you are a British Gasoline customer. You ought to ensure that you just are in a safe place before making the call to prevent danger to you and your family. Similarly in the event you get your electrical power with British Gas then remember to contact the relevant energy network operator in your region by getting their phone number from the list below during a power cut.

Report a power cut to British Gasoline

Region UK Contact Number
East England 0800 783 8838
East Midlands 0800 056 8090
London 0800 028 0247
Merseyside, Cheshire & North Wales 0845 272 2424
Midlands 0800 328 1111
Northern England 0800 66 88 77
North-West England 0800 195 4141
Scotland (Hydro) 0800 300 999
Scotland (Scottish Power) 0845 272 7999
South-East England 0800 783 8866
Southern England 0800 072 7282
South Wales 0800 052 0400
South West England 0800 365 900
Yorkshire 0800 375 675

Probate enquiries – 08706451514

Contact the specialist team of British Gas probate customer service advisors by calling their freephone number 0800 294 3125 at no cost from any UK landline or mobile phone. Naturally it is a devastating time when a loved one passes away so these specialist advisors will manage to enable you during your bereavement to either close the deceased’s account or to alter the account name to ensure that the named person in their will can continue to receive their electrical power supply.

British Fuel business enquiries – 08706451514

Phone the British Gasoline business enquiries helpline by calling their freephone contact number 0800 107 3457. It is possible to call this helpline to acquire a quote for a business contract with British Gas for them to fulfill your company’s energy requirements and for getting specialist servicing for your boiler, plumbing or gasoline appliances. If you would prefer to send an email to British Gas with your business-related enquiry then make sure you fill out an official online contact form on their own website, though remember to bear in mind that you just ought to have the official name of your respective business and your account number to hand. Alternatively you could send their business team an email directly using their dedicated handle Finally you can also use these email addresses when you are located in Scotland in order to contact Scottish Fuel customer services.

British Gas complaints – 08706451514

Phone British Gas to produce an official complaint by contacting their dedicated freephone contact number 0800 072 8632 when you are a immediate debit customer. Alternatively for those who would really like to complain regarding your Pay as You Go vitality offer then call 0800 072 8633 where you can complain about excessive monthly bill charges or a faulty meter. Customer service advisors on these helplines will fully explain the complaints process to you and will then hopefully have the capacity to resolve your issue. Furthermore for those who would like to complain about your HomeCare service or a boiler installation then you can find the contact number in the following table, that’s also useful when making complaints about Scottish Fuel engineers.

Telephone numbers for British Gasoline complaints

Complaints Department UK Phone Number
Gas & Electricity Complaints 0800 072 8632
Complain about your Pay as You Go rate 0800 072 8633
HomeCare Complaints 0800 048 1000
Small Business Complaints 0330 100 0222
Industrial & Commercial Business Complaints 0845 072 8644
Boiler Installation Complaints Team 0800 294 4460
Complain about your Green Deal Service 0800 316 8219

When you would prefer to produce your complaint in writing rather than contacting one of their phone numbers then please send your letter of complaint to this postal tackle:

Complaints Management Team,
PO Box 226,
S98 1PB,
United Kingdom.

Serious & second-stage complaints – 08706451514

Contact the managing director of British Fuel customer services by calling their immediate freephone phone number 0800 107 0184 if previous attempts to resolve your complaint have failed or in case you have a very serious complaint. You can also email this team directly by referring your complaint to their email deal with

Hive by British Fuel – 08706451514

Contact British Gas in the event you need technical support with your Hive active heating systems by contacting their freephone telephone number 0800 980 8614 totally free from any UK landline or mobile device. It is possible to dial this number if you are having problems with your wireless thermostat or if your Hive mobile app is not working on your device. Moreover you could send their Hive team an email by using their specific email handle Alternatively if your enquiry relates to using their online store or if you’d like to order products over the phone then you definately may perhaps call their other freephone helpline 0800 980 0649 for technical support advice.

Important British Gasoline phone numbers

Department Telephone Number
Customer Services 0800 048 0202
Scottish Gas 0333 202 9802
Pay as You Go Energy 0800 048 0303
Join British Gas 0800 980 6005
Website Technical Support 0800 048 0505
British Gas HomeCare 0800 048 1000
Supply Installations 0800 072 5280
Gas & Electricity Theft 0800 587 2737
Energy Saving Advice 0800 072 8629
Business Enquiries 0800 107 3457
Complaints 0800 072 8632
Hive by British Gas 0800 980 8614

Other Ways you are able to contact British Gasoline

British Gas and their Scottish subsidiary supplies vitality to around 12 million homes in the UK and is by far the largest vitality company in the UK and they have numerous ways you’ll be able to contact them to reflect this status, for example it is possible to contact them on social media, by using email & postal addresses and even by downloading their mobile app.

Contact British Gas online

If you have a busy schedule which means you cannot afford to waste time sat on hold then you certainly can contact British Gasoline by filling out an online form on their official website, which you are able to use for all types of enquiry as well as for getting support on a specific issue affecting your heating systems.

Write to British Gasoline

Although it’s slower than sending an email or calling one of their helplines you may still send a letter to British Gas with enquiries via their Rotherham postal handle below, where it is possible to also send them relevant documentation relating to the payment dispute.

British Gasoline Customer Services,
PO Box 226,
S98 1PB,
United Kingdom.

British Gas mobile app

Mobile communication and apps have flourished in recent years; British Gasoline are fully aware of this hence they offer a mobile app that allows you to submit meter readings, compare your strength usage with a previous period, to book an engineer appointment and to pay your electric power expenses.

British Gas on the iPhone App Store
British Gas Google Play Link for Android Devices
Amazon Apps Store for Kindle Fire

Contact British Fuel on social media

As aforementioned, British & Scottish Gasoline is the dominant energy supplier in the United Kingdom and thus they use several innovative ways to promote their business as well stay in touch with their customers.