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Aviva Contact Number: 08706451510

Contact Aviva with typical enquiries regarding your insurance coverage by calling their central switchboard phone number 01603 622 200 or discuss your automobile, house or existence plan with them by dialling 0870 042 0496.

Basic Enquiries – 08706451510

Contact an Aviva customer service advisor by contacting their standard enquiries phone number 01603 622 200, which happens to be charged at regional prices. Alternatively you are able to get to this department by calling 0870 042 0496 that’s charged at just 13p for each moment from UK landlines. You need to contact these switchboard helplines if you do not know which of their departments you should get in touch with or else you would love extra specifics of their a variety of monetary packages. It is possible to also connect with these phone numbers to request more about their corporation, their ownership and for company enquiries. The helpline which you can reach by contacting 01603 622 200 is open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, so remember to be aware that it is shut on weekends and it is likely for being closed on lender vacations. If you really need to contact Aviva beyond these opening situations you will discover in-depth contact facts for each in their departments at the base of this web site. When you should send out a doc suitable in your declare or enquiry to Aviva you must use their fax number 01603 683 659 to deliver these files by using telecopying.

Alternatively for those who should contact Aviva from outside the house the UK you should contact their intercontinental helpline +44 1603 604 999.

Get in touch with cost details

Contacting Aviva’s basic enquiries phone number will set you back the exact same charge as calls to all other UK nearby numbers (01- and 02-). We just cannot specify the precise price of those calls as it is dependent on what time and working day that you are contacting Aviva on, but we do understand that these phone calls will cost you a variable per-minute charge plus a call-access demand which is identified by your landline provider. Contacting 01603 622 200 from the cell will effectively be freed from demand when you use any inclusive minutes which have been a part of your contract or tariff for making the call, nevertheless without having these minutes the call will most likely charge much more than producing an equivalent simply call from a landline. Phoning Aviva’s worldwide helpline will normally value over building a UK-only connect with, and also the specific fee will count on which state you might be contacting them from.

Automobile Insurance coverage – 08706451510

Phone an Aviva Car or truck Insurance policy advisor by contacting their local-rate phone number 0345 307 8581. This can be the primary customer service helpline for their individual motor insurance coverage therefore if you have query about your coverage specifics, including the expiry day of one’s go over you then must simply call this helpline. It is possible to also phone 0345 307 8581 to vary your plan, by way of example if you need to include extras these types of as breakdown cover or for anyone who is acquiring complications producing the every month payments and so you desire to a far more cost-effective package. If you should come up with a claim with your motor vehicle insurance policies policy or else you would like to receive a quote to include your auto you can utilize the phone numbers supplied down below to contact the expected section.

Aviva Auto Insurance policies Phone Numbers

Auto Insurance Department UK Phone Number
Customer Services 0345 307 8581
Quotes 0800 015 6227
Claims 0345 030 6925
Cancellations 0345 307 8587

Vehicle Insurance coverage Internet sites & Online Forms

Aviva also have a range of helpful internet sites and online forms to help you get a estimate for your automobile or help you make a claim in the unfortunate case that your automobile is involved in an accident or suffers a mechanical failure.

Manage your vehicle Insurance coverage with MyAviva
Get yourself a Quotation Online
Retrieve your Existing Quotation
Online Claims Form
Come up with a Windscreen Assert & Get your Windshield Replaced
Deliver Proof of No Promises Discount Through Email

Short-Term Motor vehicle Coverage – 08706451510

Contact Aviva with regards to their temporary auto coverage policies on their dedicated phone number 0333 005 0944. This helpline is for existing customers for their 1-28 working day short-term car or truck insurance policies policies, which are particularly helpful should you have to drive your friend’s motor vehicle on a road trip or borrow an acquaintance’s van to help you move heavy items. For those who ought to email Aviva about your short-term plan make sure you use their official address aviva@shortterminsurance.co.uk. Aviva Short-Term Auto Insurance coverage is only available online so if you would like a estimate for this type of insurance policies you should fill out a form at estimate.dayinsure.com/aviva.

Classic Automobile Insurance plan – 08706451510

Contact Hagerty, who underwrite Aviva’s Classic Auto Insurance coverage policies, by contacting their local-rate phone number 0333 323 1242. It is possible to phone this helpline to obtain information regarding whether your classic vehicle can be covered by their specialist insurance policy policies and for assistance should you suffer a breakdown in your vintage car or truck. For anyone who is interested in insuring your classic car with Aviva then please visit Hagerty’s dedicated website www.hagertyinsurance.co.uk/classic-car-insurance/aviva.

Motorcycle Insurance policies – 08706451510

Phone the Aviva Motorcycle Insurance coverage team on their national contact number 0345 307 8583 to generate an enquiry on your own motorbike coverage if you are an existing customer. You may phone this helpline to obtain helpful advice about adding certain types of cover in your coverage, one example is breakdown assistance, and if you want to cancel your insurance coverage. These insurance policies policies are there to provide economical aid in the unfortunate circumstance that you may have an accident whilst in your motorbike, and if this has occurred to you then you really should connect with their dedicated claims team on their phone number 0345 030 6921. Finally you may get in contact with Aviva in order to receive a quotation for your motorcycle by calling their promises team for free on their freephone contact number 0800 051 2691 or get a quote online from their motor insurance portal www.direct.aviva.co.uk/quote/direct/motor?source=ZVC4.

Van Coverage – 08706451510

Phone Aviva’s dedicated van insurance coverage team by contacting their local-rate contact number 0345 307 8582. You could phone this number to upgrade your plan and to check if your address would be invalidated by transporting a certain type or weight of cargo in your van, or should you be unsure whether this cover would be suitable for your automobile and thus you prefer to further specifics of their policies. We have helpfully furnished you with a list of phone numbers in case you would like to get your van insured with Aviva or for those who have suffered an accident or breakdown in your van and thus you would like to create a assert.

Aviva Van Insurance plan Office UK Contact Number
Customer Services 0345 307 8582
New Customer Quotes 0800 051 2567
Claims 0345 030 6968
Cancellations 0345 307 8588

Furthermore Aviva have a couple of dedicated postal addresses to help you if you should send out them files related to the cancellation or to provide proof of no promises discount. For those who should ship Aviva a certificate of insurance plan after you have cancelled your van insurance policies policy please use this address:

Aviva UKDI,
Po Box 15,
NR1 3LN,
United Kingdom.

In the event you must deliver Aviva you proof of no statements discount in order to continue receiving these kinds of a discount in reward of one’s safe driving you should send out this evidence by means of email ncdvald@aviva.co.uk or use their fax number 01603 878 764. In case you prefer to deliver your proof of no statements discount by way of post you could ship it to this address:

NCD Validation Team,
PO Box 3435,
NR1 3GS,
United Kingdom.

Breakdown Address – 08706451510

Contact advisors for Aviva Breakdown Go over by calling their phone number 0345 307 8584 to renew your breakdown include or improve your policy by adding or removing extras. Should you have breakdown protect with Aviva and your car breaks down due to an electrical or mechanical failure remember to simply call their 24-hour roadside assistance helpline 0800 015 5755 for anyone who is in the UK or phone 1800 535 005 when you are in the Republic of Ireland. Nonetheless when you aren’t an existing customer and you want to become covered then be sure to phone their new rates helpline 0800 051 3927 for no cost.

Home Insurance coverage – 08706451510

Contact Aviva Property Insurance policy enquiries by contacting their helpline 0345 307 8585, which happens to be billed with the same level as UK local phone numbers. Customer service advisors on this helpline can provide you with information about whether your dwelling can be covered by them as some buildings, these as thatched properties, may be exempt. It is possible to also phone 0345 307 8585 to alter your existing protect, for example if you need to add emergency protect in your policy or if you want to remove certain aspects from your coverage in order to save money. If you would like contact details for his or her promises or prices departments you may examine this list:

Aviva Home Insurance Department Phone Number
Customer Services 0345 307 8585
Get a Quote 0800 051 4037
Make a Claim 0345 030 6945
Cancel your Policy 0345 307 8589

If you’d like to send out a letter regarding your property insurance policy or to provide feedback regarding their house deal with you’ll want to use their dedicated address:

Aviva House Insurance,
Po Box 15,
NR1 3LN,
United Kingdom.

Dwelling Emergency Go over – 08706451510

Phone Aviva’s emergency go over team for cost-free by calling their freephone contact number 0800 056 3392. Household Emergency Deal with would be the add-on insurance policy bundle that insures your property in case of various accidents, this sort of as power loss and contents damage. Unfortunately this offer is not offered as a standalone insurance coverage policy but for anyone who is an existing Aviva dwelling insurance coverage customer you can incorporate emergency include towards your plan by contacting 0345 030 7078. When you should create a claim on your emergency cover please contact their dedicated 24-hour helpline 0345 300 3346.

Existence Insurance coverage – 08706451510

Contact Aviva Lifestyle Insurance advisors for absolutely free by calling their freephone contact number 0800 068 6800. Aviva offer everyday living coverage policies for a vast variety of people, ranging from over 50’s deal with to child (0-4 years) include, and for numerous purposes, this kind of as income protection and mortgage include. 0800 068 6800 could be the key helpline for all of such everyday living insurance plan offers therefore if you would like to amend your existing policy or make a question on if your family will be supplied for in any given circumstance you must get in touch with this number. In the devastating case that an Aviva Lifetime Insurance policies policyholder has passed away you’ll want to phone their bereavement phone number 0800 015 1142 for making a claim on their insurance plan to ensure you and your family are supplied for. When you would prefer to create a claim by post you may use their dedicated postal address underneath; make sure you remember to include full information and facts including policy number and also the name of the policyholder to ensure your assert is resolved as swiftly as possible.

Aviva – Claims,
PO Box 520,
NR1 3WG,
United Kingdom.

In case you are interested in getting lifestyle insurance from Aviva to provide for your loved ones when you’re gone then please consult the list below to get the right include for you.

Aviva Daily life Insurance plan – Quotes Team UK Phone Number
General Life Insurance 0808 163 5559
Free Parent Life Cover 0800 404 6465
Critical Illness Cover 0808 163 7511
Life & Critical Illness Insurance 0808 115 0708
Over 50’s Life Insurance 0808 252 5370

Travel Coverage – 08706451510

Phone Aviva regarding your travel insurance plan plan by calling their mobile-friendly contact number 0345 307 8586. Here is the major customer service helpline for Aviva’s travel team, consequently when you ought to amend your policy with new travel dates or if you need to incorporate a person or extra include in your coverage you need to phone them on this number. You’ll want to also call 0345 307 8586 to notify Aviva that you will be unable to travel on your specified departure date and thus would really like to cancel your insurance plan. The list beneath provides full contact facts for Aviva Travel Insurance coverage, including numbers to call if you need to acquire a quote or make either an emergency or non-emergency promises.

Travel Insurance policies Team Phone Number

Travel Insurance policies Team Phone Number
General Enquiries 0345 307 8586
Quotes 0800 051 4607
Medical & Emergency Claims +44 (0)1603 208 044
Non-Emergency Claims (UK) 0345 030 6983
Non-Emergency Claims (International) +44 1603 603 716
Travel Advice 01603 208 045
Legal Helpline 01603 208 244

Health Insurance coverage – 08706451510

Contact Aviva regarding your health coverage coverage with them by calling their freephone phone number 0800 068 3827 for cost-free from any UK landline or mobile phone. This helpline is for existing customers who would really like to amend their insurance coverage by adding or removing address for certain injuries & ailments, renew their protect or cancel their health insurance policy. For those who aren’t already a customer with Aviva and you prefer to a quote, or in case you sadly have to make a assert on the health insurance policies in the case of accident or injury then please examine this helpful list of phone numbers to help you contact the right advisor as quickly as possible:

Aviva Health Insurance plan Division Phone Number
General Enquiries & Manage Your Policy 0800 068 3827
Make a Claim 0800 068 5821
Get a Quote 0800 404 6531
MyHealthCounts 0800 158 5188
24/7 GP Helpline 0800 068 5822
24-hour Counselling Helpline 0800 092 3189
International Emergency Assistance +44 2381 247 290

Income Protection Insurance coverage – 08706451510

Phone advisors for Aviva’s Income Protection Insurance policies policies by contacting their freephone contact number 0800 158 3119 in case you took out your insurance plan before March 2015, or simply call their other helpline 0800 285 1098 for absolutely free if your coverage is dated on or after March 2015. You must phone either of these numbers to notify Aviva that your income has changed or if you’d like to alter how much within your income is protected in the case of an injury or death. For those who or a loved one needs to make a declare in these circumstances then you should phone their dedicated statements helpline 0800 158 3105.

Accident Coverage – 08706451510

Contact Aviva Accident Insurance policies advisors regarding your plan by calling their phone number 0800 158 3993 that is free of charge to phone since it is a freephone helpline. Aviva offer several accident policies which are covered by this particular phone number, these include:

  • Accident Insurance
  • Accidental Death Insurance
  • Accidental Permanent Injury Insurance
  • Personal Family Accident Plan
  • Hospital Cash Plan

Thus you should phone 0800 158 3993 to amend your policy to include any other type of address as above or if you’d like to renew your plan after its expiration date. Having said that if you aren’t already a customer you must phone their dedicated prices team using their contact number 0800 051 8998 to check which plan and pricing strategy is most suitable for you. When you or a policy holder has had an accident and you’d thus love to make a claim on the accident insurance policy coverage then make sure you phone their claims team for no cost on 0800 051 5175 or alternatively you can make your assert in writing by sending any suitable documentation, such as doctor’s evidence & photographs of one’s injury, to their postal address:

Aviva Accident Insurance Claims,
PO Box 3553,
NR1 3DA,
United Kingdom.

Pet Insurance policy – 08706451510

Phone Aviva on their pet insurance policy contact number 0333 234 0630 to manage your plan by adding a pet or by adding to or reducing the amount of include delivered. Additionally you could phone this helpline to renew your coverage or if you need to cancel your pet cover. If you want to insure one of your respective dear pets or to check if that particular species or breed of animal is covered by Aviva please phone their dedicated sales helpline 0800 656 9729 for totally free to speak to a pet insurance specialist.

Sadly accidents & illnesses can occur in our pets as well as in humans, and if this has happened towards your animal then make sure you phone Aviva’s promises team by calling their contact number 0333 234 0631 or by sending an email to their official statements address petclaims@bdml.co.uk.

Pensions & Annuities – 08706451510

Phone 0800 068 6800 to contact Aviva pensions & annuities advisors for free as it is a freephone number. You’ll be able to manage your pension plan by contacting this number, so make sure you call it if you want to alter how you recieve your Aviva pension or if you’d like to withdraw some money from your pension as a lump sum in difficult occasions. Similarly if your annuities are paid by Aviva it is best to phone 0800 068 6800 to manage your payments and check how much your regular payments will equate to in terms of income. If you want further information regarding their retirement products or if you need to save towards a private pension or annuities fund with Aviva remember to contact them for absolutely free on 0800 302 9600. In the sad circumstance that a loved one who held an Aviva pension has passed away you may get in touch with their dedicated bereavement helpline 0800 068 8273 if you are in the UK or simply call +44 1603 603 892 from overseas to let them know. Finally, in case you would prefer to mail your enquiry or feedback to Aviva regarding your pension or annuities fund then be sure to use this postal address for your letters:

Aviva Pensions & Annuities,
PO Box 520,
NR1 3WG,
United Kingdom.

Complain to Aviva – 08706451510

Phone Aviva to register a complaint by calling their freephone contact number 0800 068 5670, and that is free to connect with from all UK landline and mobile phones. This is actually the major complaints helpline for the majority in their insurance offers, nonetheless when you have a complaint with regards to their daily life insurance coverage policies it is best to phone 0800 068 6800 instead, and similarly if you want to complain regarding your health insurance you ought to phone this dedicated helpline 0800 158 3333. It’s most probable that your complaint can be resolved by advisors on these helplines, however if they never sort your complaint our or should you have a more serious complaint about Aviva then remember to phone their London head office directly using their official phone number 020 7283 2000. You are able to also make your complaint by way of email by filling out an online form on their dedicated website www.aviva.co.uk/existing-customers/form/complaint, or alternatively you could make your complaint in writing by sending your letter to their postal address:

Head Office – Complaints,
Aviva plc,
St Helen’s,
1 Undershaft,
United Kingdom.

Equity Release – 08706451510

Contact Aviva on their freephone numbers 0800 158 4177 & 0800 092 5624 to speak to equity release advisors over the phone. These helplines are for existing customers to change when they receive the equity payments from their property and how they receive it, for instance choosing monthly payments or a percentage lump sum. Furthermore it is best to phone either of these phone numbers to notify Aviva that one of their equity release customers has passed away so that advisors can provide money advice and guidance on what steps are necessary. When you are interested in getting a lifetime mortgage to release the stored equity in your residence make sure you phone their official sales helpline 0800 046 2734 to get further details about these deals.

Income Drawdown Pensions – 08706451510

Phone Aviva’s business-rate contact number 0845 301 1050 to speak to an advisor about your existing drawdown pension, in cases these as when you would like to vary how much money you reinvest into the pension fund and how often you receive dividends from this fund. Furthermore for anyone who is already an Aviva Income Drawdown pension-holder then you can mail them an email with your enquiry to their address IDPHD@aviva.co.uk. In case you are looking to join this particular pension scheme, or should you have suffered a bereavement as well as deceased held an income drawdown pension then please examine this list to locate the correct phone number to contact:

Income Drawdown Division UK Contact Number

Income Drawdown Department UK Contact Number
Customer Services 0845 301 1050 (UK)+44 1603 838 010 (International)
Bereavement Helpline 0800 015 1142 (UK)+44 1904 723 520 (International)
New Drawdown Customers (No Financial Advisor & Prefix: AV) 0808 101 0888
New Drawdown Customers on the Aviva Wrap online platform 0845 075 6655


You may write to Aviva regarding their income drawdown pension plans by sending your letter of enquiry or feedback to their official postal address:

Aviva Daily life & Pensions – Income Drawdown,
Customer Relations,
PO Box 520,
NR1 3WG,
United Kingdom.

Aviva Savings & Investments – 08706451510

Phone Aviva for free of charge on their freephone contact number 0800 051 2003 to examine your savings or investment plan with a specialist advisor. You’ll want to phone this number if you hold an investment ISA with the company or either a defined returns or structured returns fund. Alternatively for anyone who is contacting them to enquire about investments bonds you ought to phone their dedicated helpline 0800 096 3530 for cost-free. Even so if your enquiry relates to an endowment fund be sure to contact their economical insurance policy team on their freephone number 0800 953 1777. Should you have queries about any of those savings and investments packages or should you would prefer to liaise with Aviva regarding your account by way of post then remember to mail your letter to their official postal address:

Aviva Investors UK Funds Ltd,
PO Box 10410,
CM99 2AY,
United Kingdom.

Aviva Business Solutions

As well as offering a comprehensive range of personalized insurance plan and investment deals, Aviva offers specialist business packages for employers and business owners. These range from workplace pension schemes and private healthcare plans to insurance policy to protect your tools and vehicles, thus in effect insuring your livelihood.

Workplace Pension – 08706451510

Contact Aviva on their freephone phone number 0800 302 9507 to enquire with regards to their workplace pension schemes or if you’re an employer for an existing member of these schemes and are looking to transfer to an Aviva pension. Changes to UK pension law means that by 2018 every employer will have to contribute to a workplace pension scheme on behalf in their employees, so it is highly important that you register to one as soon as possible. If your workplace pension scheme is already registered with Aviva remember to get in touch with their existing customer helpline 0800 145 5744 and that is freed from cost.

Public & Employers’ Liability Insurance policy – 08706451510

0800 302 9507 is also the phone number you ought to use to contact Aviva about their public & employers liability insurance policies policies. Hence in the event you want to sign up for a liability coverage coverage or if you’d like to cancel your insurance plan as a result of restructuring your business then make sure you phone this helpline. In case you work in a trades business and you would like to insure your tools & equipment you’ll want to also phone 0800 302 9507 to take out a specialist insurance policy package deal. The list down below contains all the phone numbers you will require to help make a claim on the public or employer liability policy, as well as helplines for tax and risk assessment advice.

Public & Employer’s Liability Insurance policy Office Phone Number
Get a quote 0800 302 9507
Property Claims 0345 030 7074
Liability Claims 0345 030 7563
Legal & Tax Support 0845 300 1899
Risk Services Helpline 0845 366 66 66
Staff Counselling Helpline 0117 934 0105

Global Health Insurance policy – 08706451510

Phone the Aviva International Health Insurance policies team on their freephone contact number 0800 051 1524 or alternatively get in touch with their intercontinental helpline +44 2380 371 944 for anyone who is exterior the UK. You’ll be able to phone this number when you are an employer and would really like much more information regarding the go over that is available from one of such policies, or if you want to sign up for global health insurance. It is possible to also get in touch with this number should you be an employee and you’ll need to generate a assert on your own company’s health insurance plan scheme due to an accident, illness or injury. These helplines are open up 9am-5pm UK time Monday-Friday so if you desire to to contact Aviva outside of these hours, or you would simply prefer not to talk to an advisor you’ll be able to send them an email using their address HCINTER@aviva.co.uk.

Group Coverage Policies – 08706451510

Phone Aviva for absolutely free by contacting their freephone contact number 0800 015 7518 to enquire about their Group insurance coverage policies. Successfully these are business insurance policies for employees, thus in the event of one’s employee’s death, illness or injury your enterprise will financially support your employee and family through the trauma. There are different types of deal with available, including lifetime, critical illness, income protection and cancer cover insurance policy policies. You’ll want to thus phone 0800 015 7518 for anyone who is an employer and you wish for getting much more information regarding Group Insurance policies, or if you’d like to vary your existing plan by increasing or decreasing the payments your firm makes toward the plan.

Important Aviva Group Insurance policy Contact Numbers

Group Insurance policies Department UK Phone Number
General Enquiries 0800 015 7518